How to have a good vacation and not be stuck in a story in these 10 countries

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Everyone knows that before you travel you need to buy insurance, make a copy of your passport, take along a first aid kit at all occasions and don't forget sunscreen. But a trip to some countries may not be as rosy as the tourist brochures promise.

The website will tell you how to make the stay comfortable and pleasant. And that nothing can overshadow it.


Turkey is one of the most popular and safe tourist destinations. But even here you can wait for surprises.

  • In a non-touristy placesis better for women not to go outside the hotel without an escort, not walking in the dark and not to wear revealing clothes. Bring a handkerchief.
  • In Turkey Mammoet to meet a traditional Turkish toilet, and it looks like a hole in the floor. They decided to wash with water, so toilet paper may not be or need to pay for it additionally. Carry paper napkins.

In Israel year-round warmth and as much as 4 seas: Mediterranean, Red, Galilee and Dead. But some things need to be prepared.

  • In the Israeli desert is inhabited by poisonous snakes, spiders and Scorpions. Summer in the sea congregate jellyfish, and the house to detectflying cockroach. After contact with a jellyfish, rinse the wound with water and consult a doctor. If you are bitten by a snake or Scorpion, move less, drink a lot and immediately call the doctor.
  • In Israel in the summer the temperature can reach 40 °C and above. Drink water, are in the shade and wear a hat. If you can't tolerate the heat, postpone the trip until the fall or spring.

  • In Israel there is the threat of terrorist attacks, particularly in the North of the country, near Gaza. Follow the news and choose the city where the probability of attack is low. If you heard an explosion, lie on the ground and cover your head with your hands. Try to get to the nearest bomb shelter.


There are dozens of reasons to visit India. For example, to see the magnificent ancient temples, the festival of colors and lights, to taste the local dishes. But here may lie in wait and trouble.

  • Easily pick up the infection or to become infected with helminths. To avoid this, drink only bottled water familiar brands bought in the store. Before the trip immunized against hepatitis A and typhoid.
  • The last few years, attacks on tourists in India are not uncommon. Why travel to India for a big company, but better to go through a travel Agency, not a savage.

In Egypt you can admire the ancient pyramids and brooding Sphinx, swim in the Red sea and camel rides. Holiday will be perfect if be aware of the precautions.

  • Do not swim in river water, to avoid infection with schistosomiasis. Swim in the sea or in the pool with purified water. If you were in the fresh water reservoir, make sure water does not get in your mouth.
  • On the coral reefs of the red sea living starfish — crown of thorns. Its needles are poisonous and cause a person vomiting, dizziness and inflammation of the skin. If you got stuck, place the affected area in hot water, clean the wound, lubricate it with antiseptic and consult your doctor.
  • Egypt is a Muslim country, so walking outside in the outdoor clothing is not worth it.
  • In Egypt, the spread of different diseases. For example, hepatitis A and B. So before you go check that you have done the necessary vaccinations:measles, rubella, diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and other diseases.

In Mexico you can relax on the white sand beaches, drink real tequila and admire the ancient pyramids. But remember about security.

  • In Mexico inhabits 280 speciesof Scorpions. Most of them are not poisonous, but some can kill a person in one bite. Watch your feet while walking.
  • If you happen to be on the streets of Mexicoin a state of intoxication, you can go to jail. Also in Mexico you canbe poisoned by alcohol.
  • Water in Mexico is not potable. This is acknowledged even by the Mexicans. Buy only bottled water.
  • The crime rate is high. Tourists get mugged even in public transport. You also need to be vigilant, removing money from the ATM. Do not walk alone on the streets in the evening.
  • Along with bright emotions from a trip to Mexico can bring disease, such as typhoid or malaria, therefore, make the necessary vaccinations.

In Tunisia, the beautiful sea, beaches and spas. But there is not all so rosy as it seems at first glance.

  • Periodically, there are political demonstrations and clashes. If you become a witness to them, try to stay away from the crowd.
  • In Tunisia there is a strict ban on photography towers, bridges and military installations. Before you take a picture of something, ask permission from representatives of law enforcement.
  • In August, floating in the sea, there is a chance to meet jellyfish. If such a meeting occurred, wash the burn with clean water and consult a doctor.
  • Make vaccinations before you travel. Tourists often get sick in Tunisia, hepatitis a and typhoid.
South Africa

In South Africa, the diamond center of the world, you can visit the Cape of Good Hope, to look at the Penguin beach and take a trip to Zimbabwe and Zambia to Victoria falls. But be prepared for the unexpected.

  • In the evening, be careful, there is high level of crime. Do not walk through the slums alone. To move around in the dark better in the car. Keep Windows closed in it. Robbery on the roads are not uncommon.
  • Be careful on the roads in South Africa. In this countrydrive on the left. Crossing the road, first look right, then a left.
  • In many public places Smoking is prohibited, you can be fined. Smoke in designated areas.
  • South Africa is home to the most dangerous animals of Africa. Be careful on excursions, which will be allowed, and better to swim on the beaches, where there is a metal mesh that protects from pesky sharks.
  • Don't forget to go to the doctor and get my vaccinations. Malaria, yellow fever and rabies are not uncommon.

In the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, there is a monument to Pushkin, and in the national Museum you can see the remains of the oldest human Lucy. But even in this beautiful country you need to be alert.

  • Avoid the border areas with Somalia, Kenya, Sudan and Eritrea. In the past these countries were the political unrest and kidnapping of tourists. Travel in a group accompanied by a guide.
  • The rainy season in Ethiopia lasts from April to September depending on the region. Before you travel find out what weather will be there, where you're going.
  • Here strict about photography. Before taking photos, ask permission from local residents or police.
  • Examine the list of diseases, which in Ethiopia can be infected, and immunized. In this country, you can catch cholera, meningitis, hepatitis and malaria.

Nigeria had to endure the slave trade, revolutions and wars for independence. However in this country there is something to see. For example, you can stroll through the natural markets in Lagos, to see the unique natural monument — the Jos plateau, or go to the lake Chad. But remember that Nigeria is not always safe.

  • In Nigeria there have been cases of kidnapping of foreign tourists. In any case, not very far away and do not walk alone. You should not wear too revealing clothes.
  • There are a lot of poisonous snakes. Danger also hippos, elephants and crocodiles. Walking, be careful and watch your step, do not approach the animal. Do not stroke them and feed.
  • You should not walk barefoot on the sandy beach and dry wet clothes outdoors. Some species of tropical flies can lay their larvae, which penetrate under the skin.

In Colombia you can see the archaeological Park of "San Agustin" and the national coffee Park, to look into the Church of Las Lajas and the salt Cathedral Zipaquira. Here is something to see, but to travel in this country is not always safe.

  • In Colombia, high levels of crime. If you catch a taxi on the street, you can get in trouble. Better call the reception at the hotel and use the services of the official carriers, not private owners.
  • In the waters of Colombia is inhabited by sharks, piranhas, and one of the most poisonous frogs on Earth. At the entrance to the sea special wear sturdy shoes not to hurt feet. Ask the locals or tour guide which beaches are suitable for safe swimming.
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