8 myths about wine, to which we stubbornly believe

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There are many rules that we are told to guide the choice of wine. We blindly trust them, as it turns out, in vain.

The website decided to dispel the most common superstition is that everyone can find a drink suitable to him.

1. Good wine is not always worth a lot of money

Many people think that high price always means good quality. But in practice it is not. Good manufacturers you can find a range of wines at affordable prices that anything will not be inferior in taste characteristics.

2. Wine can be from different varieties

There is a perception that wine from a single grape variety better quality. But different sorts of help to achieve a harmonious taste and give the wine a variety of colors.

3. Spiral tube means forgery

Another superstition associated with wine, provides: a spiral tube is used only in fakes. In fact, many manufacturers use them for 2 reasons: 1) these tubes help to reduce the cost of the wine; 2) they, unlike natural cork, do not breed bacteria.

4. Quality semi-sweet wines usually suffers

Some manufacturers claim that sweet wines are no worse than dry and semi-dry. In reality, the sugar in the production of this wine is used in order to disguise the flaws.

5. One wine can go for different dishes

There are those who believe that for every meal you need to choose a separate type of wine. Do not limit themselves with any stereotypes- experiment and find new, unique combinations!

6. Bright label is used for good wine

High competition in the wine market encourages producers to find new solutions in order to opt for their product. Bright label is just a marketing ploy. The quality of the wine does not fall.

7. The precipitate does not mean that the wine is painted

Many believe that sludge generated in the wine glass says about adding dyes and low quality. In fact, the sediment just means that in the manufacture of wine has not been applied filtering and the wine is organic.

8. Many varieties of wine over the years lose quality

Despite the fact that it's a pretty common myth, a very small percentage of the wine with time becomes better. For the majority of the wine "aging" is strictly contraindicated.

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