Moscow is a city that is impossible not to love

Eighty six million eight hundred twenty two thousand four hundred sixty seven

Golden beautiful, capricious and willful, but always attractive, annually welcomes hundreds of thousands of Russian and foreign tourists, have issued an invitation to foreigners who wish to explore the historic sights and modern life of the metropolis. Moscow has something to show and something to be proud of. Numerous exhibitions and expositions, theatres, concert halls, and countless museums invariably find its followers.

Where to begin your acquaintance with Moscow
Red square, the Arbat and Sparrow hills are favourite and are always attractive places for visitors to the capital of tourists and Muscovites. And boat trips on the Moscow river allows you to enjoy some of the best views of the city.

From the observation deck of the Ostankino TV tower you can see the evening illumination of the city or a morning panorama from height of bird's flight.
The city is in constant development — the construction of new skyscrapers, shopping malls and business centers, residential complexes, landscaped streets, built new buildings.

Moscow is a city of opportunities, it's no wonder people are moving here from many cities and remain here forever. Early in the morning in the capital begins to boil life, people rushing to work, stuck in traffic jams, crowded subway, but the inconvenience is nothing compared to what could give this city.

Alone or with tour guide to explore Moscow?
Moscow always was and will be something to be proud of, something to show to its guests. To visit even the most outstanding museums in the city, not enough for a few weeks. The traveler, who arrived in Moscow, it is better to use the services of a guide, otherwise you can easily get lost and confused in the big city.
The city offers the most incredible tours, during which you can find a better capital, viewed from different sides and cultures of the nation. But it should be said that a detailed acquaintance with culture of Russia, the best option is the excursion to the Russian Museum, located in St. Petersburg. Although, given the fact that from Moscow to St. Petersburg can be reached by fast train in just a few hours journey with the ultimate goal of this Dating and learning the Russian way of life will not be burdensome.

There wasn't a single tourist, who would not admire the capital of Russia. Here everyone will find for himself what his heart desires. Interesting city for both adults and youth. Arrive in Moscow, you will not regret it!



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