10 crazy theories that completely change the meaning of your favorite movies

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Sometimes the audience in their own way interpret events in famous movies and even find secret signs. Thanks to their overflowing imagination and appear the most incredible theories that make the original picture is still better and more interesting.

The website has gathered 10 crazy theories from real moviegoers, which completely change the meaning of your favorite movies. Break patterns is guaranteed.

10. The Joker is a war veteran

During military action the Joker from the movie "the Dark knight" (2008) learned so much about explosives and firearms. In the war he received the scars on his face and a mental disorder. In one of the dialogues of the hero talks about the indifference of the people to the fact that "the truck of soldiers fly in the air." Perhaps he's just a victim of post-traumatic syndrome.

9. James bond is not a specific person but a codename for different agents

If in the James bond films there are characters under the code names "Q" and "M" that grow old, die and replace each other, why not apply the same logic to the famous 007? Such is the position of the person — "James bond". And the fact that all the Bonds in all series drinking martinis and asked "shaken, not stirred", is just corporate ethics, which have to follow.

8. Gandalf wanted to send the eagles into Mordor

Fans and critics of the trilogy "the Lord of the rings" do not cease to wonder why Gandalf didn't send the eagles into Mordor to destroy the ring? According to one theory, he wanted to do, but couldn't share the plans with members of the brotherhood, until they were on the other side of the mountain, where they saw the Eye of Sauron. But before you fall into a bottomless mines of Moria, Gandalf thought about it and shouted to the others, "Fly, you fools", that literally means: "Fly, you fools". It is a pity that they did not understand.

7. All the events of the musical "grease" is the death of vision sandy

In the song"Summer nights" at the beginning of the movie"grease" (1978), the protagonist of John Travolta Danny sings sandy nearly drowned during their first meeting. The popular online theory is that throughout the film the girl is in a coma, and what we see is her vision. At the end of the film we are watching the sky flying red convertible with sandy and her boyfriend. This means that she dies and goes to heaven. Such is the positive film.

6. Jar-jar Binks really was a Sith

Some believe that the clumsy and idiotic antics of Gungan jar jar Binks of jar jar Binks is a very skilled cover. In fact,he's cunning Sith, long since converted to the dark side of the force. No wonder his awkwardness brought so many problems to friends, and in the film "Star wars. Episode 3: revenge of the Sith" (2005), it became part of the Galactic Senate! Someone even says that jar-jar helped Palpatine come to power and destroy all the Jedi. "Ha ha!" — demonic laughter behind the scenes.

5. Neo — machine, and Zion is another level of virtual reality

In senses the trilogy "the Matrix" (1999-2003) is easy to get confused and without inventing additional theories. Moviegoers but it doesn't stop. This time they decided that Neo is actually a machine, and the underground city of Zion, last Bastion of humanity, is just another level of virtual simulation, invented (attention!) people to keep control of such a complex technology. Phew, we all.

4. Jack is a time traveler, he came to the Titanic to prevent suicide Rose

Hero Leonardo DiCaprio Jack was sent to the "Titanic" (1997) from the future to save Rose. If she jumped into the water, the ship would have stopped, but because of the delay in the schedule of the collision with the iceberg would not have happened. The course of history would have changed forever. Why was it important to save it Rose, and not all the other passengers of the ship, remains a mystery.

3. Mad Max is one of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse

In a post-apocalyptic world of "Mad Max: fury Road" (2015) you can find a lot of symbols and metaphors. For example, the fans of the picture found the similarity between some characters and the horsemen of the Apocalypse: not a mortal one Joe the conqueror or the plague, Lead Baron — war, Eater — hunger and Mad Max — death.

2. In the case of Marselas Wallace is his soul

One legend says that the devil gets the soul of man from the rear side of the neck, in this place of Marcellus Wallace in "pulp fiction" (1994), one can notice the patch. Code to strange suitcase is 666, and its contents, exudes an unreal light. Besides Marcellus cares about your suitcase. Hmm... it all fits.

1. Hogwarts does not exist, the magical world of the imagination of the orphan Harry Potter

Some fans of films about Harry Potter I think that lonely, nobody's favorite boy, trapped in the closet, just came up with all this magical world, Hogwarts, friends and many adventures to escape from the harsh reality. Besides, in the fantasy world he made himself almost the most important person — the boy who lived... of the mind?

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