6 topics for discussion that will help to find common language with new friends

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've all been in a situation when you have only just met the man and trying to find common topics of conversation. Many it baffled, and then comes the awkward silence.

Website learned, as evidenced by the Internet users to quickly make friends with new acquaintances.

Ask the person the question from any field, which he'll need to find 3 different answers. For example, ask him to tell you 3 of his favorite meals, movie, or the funniest childhood memories. This little exercise will not only help your friend to feel more relaxed, but you get to know him. Might sound a bit childish, but it really works.

You can discussas usual is your day, what you like and don't like in your work (people love to complain about their work, but it is important not to overdo it with negativity). Also always interesting to know why you chose this profession (children's dreams, examples of adults, etc.).

If you have one profession, we consider it a great luck, because you will easily find a common theme.

It is difficult to find someone who loves Pets, especially cats and dogs. Some people will enthusiastically tell about their Pets (maybe even pictures), others — to talk about how my dream is to have your four-legged friend. In case of emergency complete loss of communication skills get out your smartphone and check YouTube. Sincere laughter over the habits of another cute kitty will immediately break the ice between you and your interlocutor.

Even if you find that your partner is a collector of edged weapons, and you — a rare doll, you sure will be interesting to discuss the biases of each other. Also is a good opportunity to learn about different Hobbies and maybe find a new activity that you will like.

People who have not seen a single episode of "Game of thrones" will soon be counted on the fingers. Therefore, if your partner (and you, of course) watched the cult TV series, the topic of conversation will present themselves. Do not forget about the famous films. In fact movie is the best source of collective memories. You can always talk about how much you worried about Mufasa from "the Lion King" or the fate of Jack and Rose from Titanic.

If the conversation is not glued, you can always turn to childhood memories of the interlocutor. Ask what he like, what he dreamed, what subjects liked or disliked at school. The main thing — not to show assertiveness and to avoid relationships with parents. Similar issues may find it too personal.

Of course, the universal topics of conversation when you chat with new friends do not exist. But you can always use good manners, sense of humor and ability to listen.

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