Simple reason why I ask you to raise window blinds during takeoff and landing

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At the beginning and end of the flight, we follow the instructions of flight attendants, one of which is to raise the shutter of the window. Many wonder: why not leave the window closed?

Site found out the reason why you are unable to neglect this rule.

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Takeoff and landing are the most dangerous stages, when everything should be under the full control of the crew. Through the window see what is happening behind, so the passenger or the flight attendant may notice that something has happened, and report emergency situation.

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During daytime flights during takeoff and landing, the main lighting of the aircraft off, so in the event of an accident the Windows will be the only source of light. In addition, when raised the blind human eye is accustomed to daylight, and in an emergency it will be easier to navigate.

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Through the open window by rescuers in case of need will be able to see the situation on the plane and make the right decision to help with the evacuation.

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Plastic blind window can cause injury. With a very hard landing the plastic shatters and the glass fragments can damage the face or body part.

According to the instructions of the crew have only 90 seconds to evacuate passengers from the aircraft, so do not neglect safety rules during the flight: open the shutter of the window is not difficult.

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