Where better to sit in the cabin?

The IL-86 three-cabin separated from one another. The first two are almost identical, but in the third (tail), a noisy cabin. This is the least comfortable cabin, which is a narrowing of the fuselage and getting closer. The scheme of arrangement of seats in the IL-86 - 3 + 3 + 3. The best places - at the forefront of the salons: 1st row, 15th (abc and ghi), 16th (def) and 33 minutes. Due to the lack of seats in front of them - a lot of space. Not recommended: the 14th row - no windows.

Flight - a tedious thing, even when you choose an airline with a high level of service. Nevertheless, we have to fly - it follows that air travel should try to make as easy as possible.

An important point - a good selection of seats in the cabin. You can, of course, to fly business class, if not the first, but it is not everyone can afford. Therefore, we choose in economy class (in the "economy" as it is commonly called).

The first is to get bukletik, which has a different circuit layouts salons aircraft carrier. If you get a booklet fails, you can ask directly to the ticket office to show you the diagram interior places that you offer.

As elsewhere, in the capture of the best places in the cabin fastest wins. This is especially true of charter flights. Therefore it is necessary to come to register early, then the chances of getting a good place to increase significantly. However, if the plane is not full, the seats can be already be on board. We need to ask the flight attendant to transplant you - if there are empty seats, the passenger's request, as a rule, satisfied.

Choosing a location is largely determined by the taste of the passenger. Some want to sit at the window only, others - closer to the aisle. It is clear that the window seats to choose not worth it if you are going to often get up to, for example, going to the toilet. On the contrary, if you are going all the way to sleep peacefully, the place of the wall will be just right. By the way, the attention of fans look at the clouds: carefully study the layout of places! Place the wall - is not always a place at the window. For example, in the area of ​​the wing of most planes do not have windows. But, according to experts, the wing is less swayed.

The big drawback of economy class is small distance between the rows. An airline cabin attendant told that it's best to save you can get at the beginning of the cabin - where the biggest "step" seats (distance between rows). At the beginning of the interior and bring food before. There you have to choose the place, if you go on a trip with children. Although different airline seats for passengers with children are allocated at the beginning of the cabin, next to the flight attendant, is to further clarify this point, when buying a ticket.

If the legs want to "stretch" and the hubbub of children do not want to listen, it is best to stay close to the emergency exits - there is greater seat pitch.

With regard to security, "then it is all destiny." However, given that 80% of accidents occur during takeoff and landing, we conclude that in the wake of sitting still safer. Firstly, if the take-off the plane "hook" for the land tail, in the case of fracture of the nasal fly forward, and the tail will remain on the ground. It is clear that the chances of survival are much greater in the rear passenger compartment. Secondly, when the crash landing burning fuel falls by inertia in the front compartment so as grim joke conductors - "in the wake of at least find your corpse».

However, the number of accidents has decreased in recent years, so do not let the bad. After studying this article, choose a location, buy a ticket and - Happy flight!


Holds 140 to 180 passengers depending on the seating arrangement. However, in the arrangement of the main trends observed in all embodiments. Arrangement of seats - 3+ 3 with a passage in the middle. Toilets in the tail. There - the noisiest place in the plane.

In the standard configuration (when salons are divided into 2 classes) in the Tu-154 best seats: 7-9 ranks in the economy (the "second room", used as a business when the first salon was the first class). There seat pitch of 780 mm instead of the standard 720-750; 28 series (at the emergency exits, a large space in front of the chair, but do not recline the backrest).

In monoklassnom version (mainly charter flights), the best places: first row - more legroom; 4E and 4F seats - in front of them do not have seats in the third row, in addition to the third and fourth rows of seat pitch a little more than the standard; 33 series (at the emergency exits, a large space in front of the chair, but do not recline the backrest).

Not recommended: the chair of the 10th series of the ABC (ABC), and the 11th series def (DEF) - backs do not recline, seat pitch less.


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