The history of "Concord" (21 photos)

"Concord" was created by the merger in 1962 of two national programs for the development of supersonic passenger air transport, the main developers of aircraft steel company Sud Aviation from the French side and the BAC with English, propulsion aircraft joint development of British Rolls-Royce and the French SNECMA. A total of 20 manufactured aircraft, 9 of which have been sold to airlines British Airways and Air France, and another 5 transferred by the same airlines at symbolic prices 1 pound and 1 franc sootvetstvenno.Pervy flight of the prototype took place in 1969, put into commercial operation occurred in 1976. (Wikipedia).

"Concordia" operated by the airlines British Airways and Air France, each of which had 7 airplanes. Over 27 years of voyage charter and carried more than 3 million passengers, total flight hours of the aircraft was 243 845 (See below.). Due to the extremely high cost commercial operation "Concordia" was generally unprofitable, resulting in the aircraft were withdrawn from service in 2003.

Queen Elizabeth II speaks with businessmen close to the model aircraft `` Konkord`` the British Aircraft Corporation.

Different versions of the form `` aircraft Konkord`` exhibited in the same room.
As a result, it adopted a form which is located at the far end of the hall

Wooden model aircraft factory in Filton

The shop is working on an instance of the first aircraft. Exactly one year later he made his first transatlantic trip

The ceremony of the first display of aircraft at the airport in Toulouse. Ribbon cut technology minister Tony Benn Uedzhvud (Anthony Wedgwood Benn) Transport Minister Jean Shaman

Pilots and flight attendants at the official ceremony of the first display of the aircraft at the airport in Toulouse.

Slide the second prototype aircraft factory in Filton. On the show came to the factory workers, who collected the aircraft and

The French model with a hairpin and makeup in the style of `` Konkord``

The first CEO of British Airways, which combined several British airlines, proudly shows the layout `` Konkorda``.

Flight attendants from different sides of aircraft `` Konkord`` posing at a photo shoot.

The staff conducts a final check before the `` big ptitsa`` go sailing.

Pilot `` Konkorda`` smiling from the cockpit after a flight from London - New York.

`` Before Konkordom`` model aircraft is `` St Louis``, where pilot Charles Lindbergh (Charles Lindbergh) first crossed the Atlantic alone.

`` Konkord`` airline Air France landing at the airport `` Kraystchёrch``

The plane crash happened in the French flight to Gonesse guide to New York. The tragedy claimed the lives of 118 people and was the only of accidents for the whole period of operation of the liner

Fans of aviation escorted aircraft in 2003, he was removed from flights, due to lack of passengers.

`` Konkord`` May 31, 2003 landed at the airport Roissy Charles de Gaulle, having made its last flight across the Atlantic.

After Air France, British Airways refused to use the plane `` Konkord``. In the photo, the pilots of the aircraft Mike Bannister (Mike Bannister) and Jonathan Napier (Jonathan Napier), waving flags of the United Kingdom from the cockpit.

In December, in Paris, the auction Christie's, which sold spare parts from the plane `` Konkord``, nose cone sold for $ 550 thousand dollars, a blanket from the cabin for $ 2,000, seats for passengers for $ 15,000.

The Boy in the Aviation Museum of Scotland in the background airplane `` Konkord``



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