11 facts, learn that you have a different look for air travel

Each of us looking at the plane as a child, wondering how such a huge machine can fly. As adults, we found the answer to this question, but any puzzles related to the aircraft draws us still.

The website found 11 interesting facts about air travel, which you probably didn't know.

1. The aircraft can withstand a lightning strike

According to statistics, every year each aircraft is exposed to lightning. This situation usually passes without consequences. The covering of any modern aircraft has special protection and can withstand a lightning strike without damage.

2. The safest seats on the plane does not exist

The results of the study TIME showed that the probability of survival in the event of a crash is higher among passengers seated in the rear. However, according to the Federal aviation administration of the United States, does not exist the safest place in the plane. In case of emergency are variables that cannot be accounted for in advance.

3. In some aircraft there is a secret room for the flight attendants

On long-haul flights the crew can work up to 16 hours. So the flight attendants could use a little NAP, some planes have small bedrooms for 6-10 persons.

Want to see these secret premises? Look at the photo, which the Website had earlier gathered for you.

4. If a single engine failure, the aircraft can fly on the second

The idea that the plane may refuse motor that can scare any passenger. But modern aircraft ready for such situations. Moreover, the routes are specially built so that aircraft could safely fly to the nearest airport in case of failure of one engine.

5. Why during takeoff and landing you need to dim the lights on Board and raise the window blinds

When the plane is taking off or is landing in the dark, onboard dimming the lights. This is to ensure that in the event of an emergency evacuation of the passengers and crew members grew accustomed to the darkness. So you will be able to move faster.

Window blinds raise for the same reason. Passengers get used to natural light behind, and the flight attendants have the opportunity to assess the situation and, if necessary, to understand how to produce the evacuation.

6. In the plane are non-Smoking. Then why in the toilet ashtray?

Smoking on Board is strictly forbidden, but every room has ashtrays. Why? The drafters of the civil aviation regulations considered that someone of the passengers can light the cigarette secretly. To a cigarette butt gets thrown in the trash and failed to fire, the toilet has an ashtray. But to use it all not worth it. All toilets are equipped with smoke detectors. Passengers who violate the Smoking ban face a fine and hit the black list of airlines.

7. Why does airline food seem tasteless?

Airplane food seems tasteless, but the airlines are not to blame. Low humidity and cabin pressure at high altitude lower sensitivity of taste receptors. The researchers calculated that in flight we have 30% lose the ability to taste sweet and salty. That's why all the food seems fresh.

8. Why the hole in the window?

The airplane is a "glass" of the three acrylic panels. Due to the difference of temperatures on earth and in the sky the panels have to withstand huge load. This little hole in the middle pane of the window allows you to normalize the pressure between the panes, preventing the appearance of cracks. In addition, it prevents fogging and freezing of Windows.

If you want to know more about how it works, view the infographic, which Website did in the past.

9. Oxygen mask is designed for 15 minutes breathing

When the pressure in the aircraft cabin you must use an oxygen mask. But few know that it is only for 15 minutes. This time is usually enough that the plane dropped to a height at which passengers can breathe normally without any masks.

10. Bus planes don't explode when landing

The tires of the aircraft capable of withstanding a load of 38 tons. Before they need to be replaced, the plane will manage to make more than 500 landings at speeds up to 280 km/h the tyre Pressure of the aircraft is about 6 times more pressure in car tires. When the time comes to change them, simply lift the wheel by means of a Jack, how are you doing with my car.

11. Why do airplanes leave in the sky white marks

Those white lines in the sky from airplanes — just a trace of condensation. During the flight the engines release water vapor, which falls into the cold layer of the atmosphere. As a result, in the sky, we see white marks. A similar response you can observe when you breathe in the cold.

According to the materials of travelandleisure,

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