Newly-Wed vampires married in the US

30-year-old Logan South and 29-year-old Daley Catherine staged an extravagant wedding ceremony in Austin, Texas. The pair, which is considered the king and Queen of the urban community of vampires, decided to display this in their ceremony. The groom was from the fangs and armor modeled on a film about the cult of blood. The bride wore a traditional white gown and a crown and bouquet of red flowers.

Initially, the pair planned to meet the $30 000, but the cost was four times more. The result was a one of a kind ceremony, which was followed by a spectacular reception, where guests ate a cake in the shape of Dracula's castle and watched the dancers.

Sixteen million four hundred ten thousand seven hundred eighty eight

Fifty nine million twenty three thousand four hundred eighty eight

Forty million two hundred ninety one thousand eight hundred fifty six

Twenty one million eight hundred forty six thousand three hundred fifty four

Sixty four million seventy thousand eight hundred sixty two

Fifty three million forty nine thousand three hundred twenty four

Forty one million three hundred forty thousand six hundred seventy seven

Seventy six million six hundred fifty six thousand two hundred ninety eight

Forty million three hundred sixty seven thousand nine hundred ninety five

Forty eight million six hundred seven thousand six hundred four

Seventy four million eight hundred seventeen thousand sixty three

Eight million four hundred sixty one thousand five hundred fifty four

Fifty three million six hundred fifty one thousand nine hundred ninety four

Ninety eight million forty four thousand two hundred two

Fifteen million twenty nine thousand six hundred seventy three

Seventy one million two hundred forty four thousand one hundred thirty six

Nineteen million eight hundred sixty two thousand four hundred twenty nine

Eighty five million six hundred sixty nine thousand five hundred thirty two

Ninety five million nine hundred seventy six thousand seven hundred ninety nine

Nine million eight hundred ninety thousand seven hundred ninety eight

Fifty four million two hundred thirty thousand nine hundred sixty eight

Seventy three million fifty four thousand nine hundred thirty nine

Seventy two million nine hundred ninety six thousand three hundred twenty two

Thirty million seven hundred twenty four thousand six hundred eighty eight

Twenty three million two hundred sixty thousand three hundred forty nine

Fourteen million five hundred fifty two thousand one hundred forty four

Twenty million three hundred eighty seven thousand seventy two

Eighty million four hundred ninety one thousand sixty seven

Twenty seven million three hundred twenty six thousand sixty six

Twelve million four hundred fifty one thousand eight hundred seven

Eighty one million fifty eight thousand six hundred fifteen

Forty two million seven hundred thirty six thousand eight hundred fifty five


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