6 simple tests to evaluate the health

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If going to the hospital not your favorite pastime but you do not care about their own health, then this article is for you.

The website offers a few simple tests that will help to monitor the condition of the body.


Close one eye, do the 3-5 steps back from the monitor and look at the circle. Please note, not whether some of the lines are darker than others. If Yes, then it is cause checked by an ophthalmologist as likely to develop astigmatism.


For this test, sit on the floor, extend your legs and try to reach hands to toes. If you got it easy, your body in great shape. And if not, don't want to do yoga, Pilates or swimming to increase flexibility and to prevent excessive weakening of the joints.


Sitting quietly for 5 minutes in silence, then put 4 fingers on the inside wrist of the other hand. Feel for a pulse. Time yourself for 1 minute and count the number of heartbeats.For children older than 10 years and
adults, including the elderly, the norm is 60-100 beats per minute.
More or fewer may indicate problems with pressure. However, do not rush to diagnose yourself, it is better to consult the doctor.


Fill the glass with very cold water and dip your finger for 30 seconds. If the tips of the fingers are white or blue, you have impaired blood circulation. A sharp decrease in temperature (or stress) causes spasm in the blood vessels that provide blood to the fingers and toes, nose and ears. As a result, in these parts of the body ceases to receive sufficient amount of blood and they're numb. You should avoid sudden change in temperature.

Respiratory system

Light a match and pull the hand with a match in front of him. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through the mouth while trying to blow out the flame. How many attempts did it take you? If multiple, then it is possible that your respiratory system is weakened. Possible causes: Smoking, lack of exercising, any chronic respiratory disease.

Fluid retention

Press your thumb at the top or bottom of the foot — if a few seconds after you remove your finger, the holes most likely, the body is fluid retention. It is recommended to reduce salt content in food and to avoid eating processed foods.


Close your eyes, stretch your arms forward, spread your fingers apart and have someone put them on sheet of thin paper. If the sheet is clearly beginning to tremble, along with your fingers, you should visit an endocrinologist.

These observations are the Foundation for diagnosis, because they can coincide with symptoms of other diseases. However, if you notice the above symptoms, they should not be ignored. As soon as possible to consult a doctor and undergo a detailed examination.

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