English training in Bratislava – the ability to see the world through different eyes!

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English courses in Bratislava will help to realize your dream and become a student of one of the most renowned state Universities of Europe. Every year the number wishing to study abroad. A good option is to study in Slovakia, which differs from other systems of education:
  • the absence of entrance examinations;
  • chance to get international bachelor, master;
  • relatively low tuition fees or completely free;
  • the opportunity to receive a considerable stipend payments;
  • high probability to get a paying job and become a full citizen of a highly developed European countries;
  • lowest prices on accommodation and meals.
Many universities offer free education for international students, some universities and individual faculties conduct paid lessons. The complexity of training depends on the chosen specialty.

A high level of language skills – the key to successful learning and career development
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Study in Europe in English and local language are conducted in Slovakia in the state language — Slovak and also in English. To become a student of one of the famous Universities of General knowledge and skills will not be enough. Need a strong base of free communication in a foreign language. The language school in Bratislava iCan offer training through a special training courses accredited by the Ministry of education of Slovakia. This means that all graduates have a unique chance to become a student not passing the exams!
The main differences between universities of Slovakia
Currently on the territory of Slovakia function of order 15 public and 10 private higher educational institutions.
Some institutions accept only the results of the test or oral examinations, while for others it is mandatory only the presence of the certificate. The members of the Committee may require the following documents:
  • motivation letter;
  • medical certificate;
  • diplomas and certificates that confirm participation in various competitions, Olympiads, competitions, high school level knowledge and skills.
Education in Slovakia – a great opportunity to get European diploma of bachelor or master absolutely for free, thanks to a strong knowledge of the language obtained with the help of modern available courses at a language school iCan!


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