7 stories about how crazy lottery winnings change people's lives

Forty five million seven hundred eighty five thousand two hundred fifty seven

Forty nine million seven hundred seventy four thousand four hundred forty one

Sometimes we dream of winning the lottery and we are sure that after this our life will be a fairy tale. But big money — big challenge that not everyone is ready. That's why so many stories in which after winning the men squander money for nothing and spoil life for themselves and their family.

Today we Site collected stories about how behaved the people who caught the tail of luck. Stories are very different, like life itself.

"King of the pals" Mickey Carol, £ 10 million

Mickey money after all squandered.

19-year-old garbage man from Scotland Mickey Carol in 2002 won £ 10 million (more than 700 million rubles). And then it started: he covered himself pound Golden trifles, bought for £ 700 thousand luxury mansion with pool and began to stage a drunken Orgy: alcohol, drugs, girls. One day he and his buddies were riding through the streets and launched steel balls from a catapult, breaking the 32 foreign cars.

Reporters nicknamed Mickey "Lottery boor" and "King of the pals". After a few years of riotous living the money ran out. The estate has become a cesspool, which barely managed to sell for £ 100 thousand In 2010, Mickey had paid off his debts and was left with nothing. Since then, he has worked as a dustman, repaired and trimmed at home. Here's a cautionary tale. But he says Mickey: «Ino regrets».

"The lottery Romeo" Carl Crompton, £ 11 million

Carl day win now.

Carl Crompton of Britain won in 1996, approximately £ 11 million(more than 800 million rubles). And the paparazzi scary loved to chase him. It's very simple: Carl had the appearance of a playboy, and after a win began to lead the life of a rock star: to buy expensive bikes, Porsche and Ferrari, designer outfits and have noisy parties. For flamboyant appearance he was nicknamed "the Lottery Romeo" and wealth is one of the most eligible bachelors in the UK.

So would Carl probably ran out of money, but at some point, miraculously come to his senses. He invested the remaining funds in real estate and managed 2 times to increase your winnings. Karl married a former classmate, built a house with a swimming pool and said that it was now perfectly happy.

"Secret millionaire" David Ashcroft, £ 12 million

30-year-old furniture maker David Ashcroft also became one of the most famous lucky in England. But for the opposite reason: he was acting quite unusual. After winning in 1997, David told reporters that he had never had a girlfriend and he wasn't abroad. Since nothing has changed: man lives in an old house with their parents, and girls he is still there, and still works as a furniture maker.

All that David did, is I bought a truck for work, cars Mitsubishi and trailer for parents, and also made repairs on the veranda. And no, it was the Ferrari, but he begged relatives. Newspapers called Ashcroft "the Secret millionaire" and never tire of watching his house suddenly go to overspend. But the latest news in 2013, new Windows in the house — that's all "madness".

Brad Duke, a man with ambitions, $ 220 million

Brad Duke from Idaho (USA) and up went well: he owned 5 fitness centers Gold's Gym, open franchise, where he worked as a spinning trainer. After the draw the lottery in 2005, the Duke said that he has the goal is to increase its capital to $ 1 billion to help others.

Therefore, he did not buy a Porsche and go to travel around the world. He seriously began investing most of the money he has invested in securities and real estate. Brad still manages fitness centers and develops favorite thing is Cycling, and does charity work. Billion, he has not earned, but has already managed to double your capital. When brad reaches his target, he promises to write a book: «I want to do with the money properly, and pass my experience to others».

Andrew Whittaker, perhaps, the most unlucky lucky, $ 314 million

When Andrew "Jack" Whittaker won the biggest jackpot of the American Powerball — $ 315 million (17,640 billion), everyone thought that this guy definitely can rise fallen down on his wealth. His own construction company was estimated at $ 17 million at First all went well and Jack proved to be a great guy. He gave 10% of the winnings to charity, gave a house and a car store, where he bought a lottery ticket.

But Jack, like many before him, could not escape from inner demons, which cause a lot of money. Due to personal problems he began to drink a lot, go to the casino and strip clubs and took the cash in the suitcase. Once the robbers pulled him from the car $ 0.5 million Then someone cleaned out the Bank accounts, forged checks. At the end of misfortunes in 2016, the poor guy burned down an uninsured house. After 4 years Whittaker there is not a cent, and it remained a debt to the casino of $ 1.5 million

Jane Park, who wants to sue the lottery, £ 1 million

Jane Park is the youngest winner of a major prize: she received £ 1 million in the EuroMillions lottery 4 years ago, at the age of 17. Happy Jane immediately rushed to buy designer clothes and relax in elegant resorts. And yet 4 years later she stated that she wants to sue the organizers to court — she realized how difficult it is to live when people recognize you on the streets. She faced the haters on social media and even hired security guards, fearing that the evil haters to carry out their threat. "My life could be 10 times better if not winning», she says.

Former bus driver Peter Lavery, £ 10 million

Peter Lavery from Belfast, even though the usual driver of the bus managed very well to do with money. He began to invest in the business and opened several businesses. The most famous was the whiskey distillery Cooley, first in Belfast for the last 75 years. Under the distillery he bought the old prison building "Crumlin road" in Belfast. Peter has invested in the plant about £ 5 million and, among other things, opened a tasting room and a restaurant with 200 seats.

Here he produces Danny Boy, elegant single malt whisky 15 year old. «I work more than before winning, — Peter said. — But I'm happy,and my factory — as another prize in the lottery".

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