10 Grand scientific answers to the most simple children's questions

Forty three million seven hundred thirty eight thousand seven hundred eighty eight

Anyone who has ever interacted with young children for more than 10 minutes knows what they are curious howcast. And while we, adults, often think that their questions are too simple, funny or even absurd, sometimes not so easy to find a suitable answer.

And we Site decided to consult the smartest people of the planet Earth and learned how to answer children's questions scientists. And their answers literally blow your mind.

Sixty eight million eight hundred fourteen thousand two hundred twenty two

Fifty eight million four hundred seventy seven thousand eight hundred eleven

Confirmed by biologists.

Sixteen million nine hundred sixty six thousand six hundred three

Ninety million four hundred six thousand five hundred eighteen

Confirm astrophysics.

Forty two million nine hundred nine thousand four hundred seventy

Sixty four million six hundred one thousand three hundred thirteen

Confirmed by entomologists.

Thirteen million seven hundred sixty two thousand eight hundred eighty

Seventy nine million eight hundred sixty two thousand five hundred sixty eight

Confirm paleontologists.

Seventy eight million one hundred fifty seven thousand seven hundred sixteen

Thirteen million six hundred fifty four thousand four hundred eighty two

Confirmed by historians.

Seventy four million one hundred forty two thousand nine hundred ten

Forty one million six hundred thirteen thousand six hundred ninety

Confirmed by zoologists.

Forty eight million four hundred thousand six hundred eighteen

Seventy three million nine hundred eighty six thousand five hundred eighty seven

Confirmed by botanists.

Forty two million six hundred thirteen thousand four hundred ninety nine

Sixty five million eight hundred fifty five thousand five hundred fifty six

Confirm astrophysics.

Thirty one million two hundred twenty three thousand six hundred sixty nine

Twenty million six hundred twenty two thousand nine hundred two

Confirmed by zoologists.

Forty two million three hundred four thousand four hundred forty three

Eighty four million seven hundred seventy eight thousand two hundred nine

Confirmed by biologists.

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