Crossover Tesla Model Y will be released by 2020

Elon Musk said that the Tesla Model Y will allow the company to reach the level of 1 million cars per year. He confirmed that the car will be produced on a completely new platform. Previously it was assumed that the automaker uses the same platform as the Model 3. Because of this, the timing of the release coincided with the expectations industry observers about a year.

The head of Tesla announced that the new platform are big changes. Thus, the company will waive the architecture of 12V batteries. This means there is no lead-acid battery and another way to power the electronics of the car. Musk also said that will decrease the total number of transactions, and the production process is simplified.

A smaller number of circuits and suggests a different line of production. The Mask plans to increase automation of Assembly lines. He added that if the Assembly line Model 3 will correspond to the solutions of the best representatives of the industry, the line for the Model Y will be something completely new. Other prominent features of the Model Y is known form the door — it will be re - "Falcon Wings" that open up like on the Model X.


Meanwhile, competitors continue to prepare the analogues. Recently, Audi unveiled an electric SUV. The car has a cruising range of 450 km and must compete electrocare Tesla Model X 100D. published


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