A wise parable about happiness, which explains a lot

Once was on the road sage, admired the beauty of the world and enjoy life.

Suddenly he noticed a man hunched under a burden.

— Why do you condemn yourself to such misery? – asked the sage.



— I suffer for the happiness of their children and grandchildren, said the man. My great – grandfather's lifelong suffering for the happiness of grandfather, grandfather suffered for the happiness of my father, the father suffered for my happiness, and I will suffer all my life just to my children and grandchildren became happy.

— And whether someone is happy in your family? – asked the sage.

— No, but my children and grandchildren are bound to be happy! – answered the poor man.


An illiterate will not learn to read and do not raise mole eagle! – said the sage, — first learn yourself to be happy, then you will understand how to make happy their children and grandchildren!


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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