Questions to warm up the brain

1. British scientists have found that day in the horse one pair of legs was 18 kilometers away, and the other pair - 19 kilometers. They all survived from the mind, or so can actually be?

2. A little boy growth of 100 centimeters hammered a nail into the tree at the height of its growth. Three years later, he came back to the tree and then hammered a nail at the height of its growth. During this time, the boy grew up to 20 centimeters, and the tree - 40 centimeters. What is the distance between the nails?

3. The three Fridays a month fell on even dates. What day of the week was the eighteenth of this month?

4. One got its name for its size, the other - for the ability to provide information, and the third - for their deployment, and the fourth - all prefer to remain incognito ... the name of the fifth?

5. boas 110 years. "How old are you?" - He asked the turtle. Turtle said: "I am 10 times more than it was to you, when I was like you now." How old turtle?


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