Damn funny joke about the test in the unit

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Came the old General test in one military unit. Showed him everything, and then gathered all the soldiers on the parade ground. The old General came to the very high and large ordinary and asked a question:

Fighter, what's the name?

— Orlov, comrade General!

— But tell me, Orlov, and you could finish off the wounded commander to his enemies captured?

— No... no, sir, comrade General. For me the commander is the main person in my life. Yes, I have it in my hand would have pulled off the battlefield!

— Good answer, eagles. Can leave for a week to go.

Came the General's second in a row to the soldier and asked:

— What's your last name?

— Petrov, comrade General!

— Petrov, and you'd shoot the wounded commander of his company, if you were surrounded by enemies?

— What are you?! — terrified soldiers, I would have tried to kill all the enemies, but the commander never would have touched, on the contrary, I'd have a bullet rushed, only he remained alive!

— Well Done, Peter! I'll give you furlough for a month, go to the family!

Here the General has noticed in the end of the system is low puny guy wielding a big trombone, and addressed him:

— Come on, a fighter, and your name as?

— Rabinovich, comrade General!

— To you the same question: but you could kill a badly wounded commander?

What, comrade General? Trombone?

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