The problem of space debris starts to get out of control

People extremely irresponsible beings. Not enough for them to generate literally mountains of garbage on Earth. You need likewise to dirty the entire orbit of our planet. The European space Agency late last week said that, despite some progress of mankind in space exploration, debris in orbit of our planet have accumulated so much that it begins to spiral out of control. We desperately need to solve this problem now, if you want to think about future generations.

In seventh European conference on problems associated with space debris (scale, even a separate conference on this issue has created!), about 350 scientists from different parts of the world discussed ways to reduce the amount of space debris. According to rough calculations on the orbit already accumulated about 750 000 debris larger than 1 cm and more than 166 million objects larger than 1 mm. All this junk fills the orbit of a planet, with commercial and scientific value.

The main threat of debris associated with the work of several hundred different satellites used in the telecommunications, weather, navigation, broadcast and climate-monitoring projects. If these companions something happens that's not only seriously hamper research projects, but also seriously hurt the countries themselves, actively relying on the communication satellite technology. And among them, by the way, not only the US but Russia.

Scientists believe that the ability to ignore this problem no longer exists. The risk of collision of the current operational satellites and space debris is very high, and simple changes to their operational orbits, as well as the launch of other satellites will not solve the problem, but rather even more aggravate.

"This conference shows that we depend too much on technology. It should be clear to everyone," said Holger Krag, head of ESA's solution to the problems of space debris."However, the implementation of countermeasures aimed at solving problems of garbage still looks very challenging. However, come to some General consensus is critically important now, especially against the background of future projects, again connected with the launch of hundreds of new satellites".

As shallow Krag, one of such projects is the plan of the private space Agency SpaceX Ilana Mask to create a new Internet communication network, which in the longer term will help in the implementation of projects for the colonization of Mars.

As for hints on how ESA plans to deal with the problem of space debris, they are at the conference again did not sound. However, it should be recalled that some private and public companies previously offered their ideas on how to remove debris from orbit. published


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