"Put the watermelon in!"

It was a hot July. Outside the window, an Inferno, a better way to quench your thirst in the heat helps the watermelon. I have near the house is a little tent with fruit. Come down, come to a huge watermelon mountain, choose the most beautiful and bear to the scales. Then the seller and me puzzled:

— Put the watermelon in!

I'm in shock stared at him and remained standing motionless with a watermelon in his hands. The same were not going to surrender:

— I said, put the watermelon!!!

Then I got myself together, took courage and tried to answer:

— Uh-uh, uh...

— Yes is not tasty it is! I'm good to choose the help.

By the way, the seller really helped with watermelon, so it proved delicious.

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