Truth and myths about the storm, you should know to be safe

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Storm — a phenomenon of nature, the risk of which is often underestimated. Meanwhile, every year hundreds of thousands of people worldwide get injured by lightning.

The website has collected the recommendations of the professionals about what to do during lightning storms to avoid becoming a victim.

To understand how far away from you now the rain, check how much time passes between the flash of lightning and thunder. If about 5 seconds — you have time to move to a safe place.

If between the flash and thunder no gap, the storm is now directly over you and represents the real danger is to hide as soon as possible!

Even if the storm caught you in the room, zippers are dangerous, especially for home appliances. So a computer and TV better off.

  • Close Windows and doors.

  • Do not take a shower or bath during a thunderstorm, especially if you are in the countryside, where the house and communications are less protected from lightning.

  • Do not fire the stove: the smoke coming from the chimney, has a high electrical conductivity and increases the likelihood that the lightning hit the chimney of your home.

Here the basic rule is to stay away from anything that rises above the earth, and from water and metal:

  • The waters are very dangerous in a storm. If you are near the water or in the water, move away from it not less than 30 metres.
  • Go from mesh fencings, large metal objects.
  • Stop driving and hide under a low Bush. In any case, do not select a tree, and it is better to step back 20 meters.
  • If you are in the field and bushes around the no — sit on your heels. Can also hide in a ditch or pit.
  • Until the end nobody knows whether attract lightning mobile phones, but better to be safe on and off camera.
  • Don't sit around the campfire: a column of hot air conducts electricity well.

If you are in the car — you're in luck, as it is a good shelter in a storm.

  • Select not too open, stop the car there.
  • Close Windows and doors and stay in the car. If lightning strikes the car, the charge will go into the ground on the metal body.
  • Do not touch the metal parts of the car.
If you ride a bike — stay and hide indoors or under the nearest Bush.

It is very rare, but just in case you should know how to act.

  • Not run: lightning can cause the resulting air flow. Move smoothly or in General stop movement.
  • House close the vents: there are cases when ball lightning flew into the window.
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