That is the mystery of the "leaky" Hong Kong skyscrapers

Nine million seven hundred sixty eight thousand one hundred seventy four

Huge holes in the buildings — so unusual for European architecture can be seen today in Hong Kong.

Site find out on what basis such an unusual modern design.

At first glance, virtually all it seems that these "Windows" are made to reduce the sail houses in order to better resist wind loads. But actually, as it turned out, these "holes" are quite another.

Fifty eight million sixty thousand three hundred fifteen

This decision is dictated by the canons of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui. According to legend, in the mountains of Hong Kong there are dragons that go down to the water to bathe and quench their thirst.

Six million nine hundred ten thousand four hundred seventeen

Thanks to the city's location between the sea and mountains, Hong Kong is booming, say the residents. But active development of the shoreline with skyscrapers blocking the way of the dragons, which leads to failure. Therefore, developers and left in their buildings huge holes to allow dragons to fly through the building to the water (for healthy circulation of energy).

Seventy four million nine hundred fifty four thousand nine

Thousands of years in China pastillas wisdom of human interaction with the environment. The unusual construction of houses with holes in Feng Shui clearly reflects the desire of the people of modern China to merge with the ancient traditions of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization.

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