15 situations that you will understand girls with small Breasts

Forty one million five hundred twenty nine thousand three hundred eighty

No matter how varied standards of beauty big Breasts always attract men's attention. Although not all women are endowed with big bust and this is not a reason to make an appointment to see a plastic surgeon.

Site know that the size is not so important, the main thing — confidence. And a little bit of self-irony.

In childhood, we eagerly waited for the appearance of the breast

In 18 years waited not only we

All the time imagined how cool would be the chest, whether it is at least nemnojko more

Trying to outsmart nature

And get big chest in any way

The most cherished wish was that

Then we started to accept ourselves as is

And almost jealous of the more "gifted" friends

Happy to wear dresses with a deep neckline

But avoid dresses strapless

Family and friends always ready to support us

We are confident that the boys are looking us in the eye

Of course, we have some problems with underwear

And if the fairy has offered to fulfill three wishes, one of them would be

But in fact we want only one

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