Shoes decides, or 15 of the most stylish models of sandals this year! An important element of any image.

Spring is in full swing and it's time to put boots on the far shelf and think about the choice of open shoes. Perhaps, and sandals is the most comfortable and beautiful shoes. They look very attractive and allow legs to breathe.

From the abundance of models offered by the shops, it's very easy to lose your head. Therefore, it is important to know about fashion trends in the world of shoes, in order to choose sandals that are not just good to sit on the feet, and serve as a stylish completion of your image. The editors of "Site" has prepared for you a selection of the 15 options for fashionable summer shoes.

Fashion sandals — 2017
  1. Wedge sandals are very comfortable and are perfect for office and for walks with friends. One of the common jewelry on the show was the bow made of leather or textile.

  2. Sandals with closed toe looks very elegant. The fashion pointed toe, which visually adds to the slimness of the legs.

  3. Sandals have always regarded casual or beach footwear. It is in vain, because they, too, can look very elegant and complement even business image.

  4. Velvet has taken a reputable place in the Shoe. This material looks very noble, so great is decorated with knives beauties.

  5. From the sweltering asphalt of cities and drawn to nature. This idea was supported by the designers, paying tribute to the natural materials — leather and sole made of cork or wood.

  6. Hard to find such shoes, which in its allure and relevance will be able to compete with sandals with high heels. They are visually stretched silhouette, knock a few extra pounds and gained attention for his mistress.

  7. The designers have provided the world with sandals on a high platform with printed straps casually wrapped around the ankle. Perfect for those who don't like heels.

  8. Unusual prints and bright colors will delight this year daring fashionistas. Very summer-like.

  9. Don't be afraid to experiment with color and to depart from the usual black and Nude.

  10. The abundance of straps and ties — the main Shoe trend of 2017.

  11. World designers transformed a classic pumps in sandals on a flat course. A very interesting solution.

  12. Transparent straps invisible heels is another hit of the summer season. But bear in mind that the selection of such shoes need to be approached very carefully, so you do not suffer from blisters.

  13. Animal prints, an abundance of gems, gold is what do not be afraid of the coming summer. These shoes will draw attention to your beautiful legs.

  14. Ideal for those who can't decide whether to wear shoes or else go to sandals.

  15. And of course, flip flops. They confidently stay on top of fashion since last year. This is probably the most comfortable shoes.

The choice is very large, and every beauty will be able to find the perfect pair for yourself. Tell us in the comments which shoes you prefer to wear in the summer and don't forget to share the collection with friends in social networks!

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