20 designer pieces, which seem too cool for this world

Seventy four million one hundred thirty nine thousand three hundred sixty

When it seems that the world's original and useful things already nothing new to invent, then they come, cool designers.

Site collected 20 unusual ideas from children that include imagination at full capacity and break all the stereotypes. Eh, still would have bought!

Candlestick-unicorn begins to cry rainbow tears, as soon as you light a candle

This intelligent robot not only transporting things, but alone is going for you

Lamp in the form of the moon and different planets, which will transfer the comfort in your bedroom to a new, cosmic level

Swimwear for girls who always wanted to transform into Disney's Princess

"Smart" watches for the visually impaired. They can be used to read and send messages

IKEA has come up with here is a shelf for plants so I can plant a small garden right in the room

Logs for the campfire or the fireplace in the form of skulls for fans to tell scary stories

Paint that changes hair color depending on the temperature

"Tattoo tights" for those who have not yet decided on a radical change

Sand clock showing how many brew different varieties of tea

Always dreamed about Japanese bonsai? You can now get a flying dwarf tree

On the labels of these bottles written short stories that you can read while enjoying a glass of wine

Bicycle tires that never deflate. And no more punctures! Eighty nine million eight hundred thirty one thousand seven hundred forty seven

The espresso machine that you can carry — on size it is not bigger than a thermos. The perfect gift for coffee lovers

Keyboard — a typewriter, to feel like an old-school writer

Leaving debris in this tank, you can play Tetris. Funny idea, able to do any city cleaner

Inflatable hoodie, where you can take a NAP anywhere. And without sleeping bags

The window from which you can look at the sky from the comfort of home. Just the dream of an introvert! Sixty eight million eleven thousand two hundred thirty nine

9 rings, one for each planet of the Solar system. A perfect gift for those who love astronomy

This led panel helps to learn the guitar. With it anyone can quickly learn to play your favorite tune

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