The pyramid of Dilts: why you have what you have

The Pyramid Of Dilts

Admit it, You sometimes wonder "Why am I living the way I live?"or "Why I have what I have?»

If Yes — today I want to share with You the answer to this question and tell You about the pyramid of Dilts. At least how I understand it and as use for themselves and their clients.

Thirty seven million eight hundred forty one thousand seventy two

Robert Dilts, one of the most renowned experts-developers of neuro-linguistic programming (personally, I dearly love it for development for writers and journalists), we offer convenient for Your life model in the form of a pyramid.

The feature of the model is that for each level of the pyramid is the answer to the question "Why is this so?"lies one level above.

The lower level of the pyramid, the level of Your life, Your daily life, answers the question "What do I have?» This also applies to Your finances, and Your work or business, and Your home, Your family, Your social circle, etc.

If You are wondering "Why do I have that we have?"for the answer will have to go to the second level where Your action. This level answers the question "What am I doing?"and obviously, from what You do day to day depends very much on what You have in the end.

If you wonder "Why I do what I do?"the answer will lie in the third level, the level of strategy.This level answers the question "How do I choose?» — and how You make decisions, how to make your choice of which strategy guided ("endeavor to" or "to strain", "live for today" or "plan for years", etc.), depends on how You act in each situation.

For example, will You be coming home from work, to read professional literature, sports or drinking beer in front of the TV. Or will You work to propose new projects and take responsibility for them — or will struggle to try to do just a familiar and intuitive work

If you ask yourself "Why did I choose what you choose?"you will have to climb one level of the pyramid of Dilts to get the answer.

On the fourth floor are Your beliefs, he answers the question "what do I believe?» And here it is already clear that if You believe to find a good job only through connections, not too You will hold to study. But if You are convinced that perseverance conquers all obstacles — obviously, if something goes wrong, You will naturally repeat the attempt again and again and again...

Well, if You ask the question "Why I believe in what you believe in?"to understand this will help the fifth level of the pyramid, responsible for consciousness and identity. It answers the question "Who am I?"— and the answer to this question depends largely on Your beliefs. It is obvious that the person who says "I'm incompetent and useless loser" and the person who says "I'm a genius and born to succeed," picture of the world will be very different.

Finally, the last level of the pyramid is the mission level, the level of the meaning of life. He answers, as you can guess, the question "Why do I live?"In my opinion, this level is available only to religious people, because it assumes that the meaning of Your life lies outside of life itself and appointed someone from the outside, not You.

Sixty two million three hundred thirty thousand five hundred sixty two

Why do You need to know about the pyramid of Dilts? First, it allows you to better understand why you live as You live, and why we have what we have — allows you to conduct a rapid analysis of his own life. And secondly, it allows you to understand what needs to change in Your life to get the output of other, more pleasing to You the result — but it needs to rise to the level of (or more) up the pyramid.

According to one of the principles of systems analysis, "the problem usually cannot be solved on the level at which it is supplied»

If You are not satisfied with what You have, be it the environment or the Finance model of Dilts will show that it is necessary to change Your actions. If it seems to be right action does not lead to the desired result — you need to change the strategy as a whole. If you do not understand where to change the strategy — so, need to dig into their beliefs, something is wrong with them. Etc.

Well, ladies and gentlemen — now, when You put the model of Dilts to yourself, have You seen, what places to slip in Your life, and what to do to stop slip? published 


Author: Alexander Levitas

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©



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