I on the jokers made fun of

Seventy four million sixty two thousand nine hundred forty one

I go to lunch today and meet shop around a group of teenagers. Look, and they are thrown around money! Watch: well, exactly, the tickets "Bank of tricks". And the guys are laughing at hapless passers-by who pick up the money. Well, I decide to teach them.

Pick up from the sidewalk bill into five "thousand" and head to the tent with the food, happily waving this piece of paper. Fit and a bit of turn away, so kutnicki did not see what exactly I'm paying the price. Buy for their money a bottle of lemonade, and so quietly pulled out a purse of four thousand, such as the surrender gave me. Then turn around to this company "Petrossian" and Masha in front of dumb kids with money...

They stretched from surprise faces were the best reward for my hard work!

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