How to keep perfect figure after the birth of five children: the secret 34-year-old British women

Looking at a perfect figure of 34-year-old Brit Simon gatli from North Yorkshire, will never believe that she has five children, the eldest of whom is already 9 years old. All because she manages twice a day to find time to exercise at any time of the year (remember that she has five children). Simon did your training as a habit.


Mother of many children starts his day at 5 am training in the gym, then goes for a walk with the dog. As for daily sit-UPS and push-UPS uses the weight of their own children.

Simon — proof that you can have a perfect body after the birth of five children. And the rest is all excuses, and a simple unwillingness to deal with them.

A mother says that her stunning figure and fitness regime is not in control of her life. She just wants to show other moms that there is no excuse rasplyvsheysya the figure after childbirth, and to learn at home.

Her husband, 45-year-old Professor Paul hatle, and their children Minnie (age 2), India (5 years) blossom (6 years), Chester (7 years old) and summer (9 years old) love to play sports and get used to walking long distances.

"When I was pregnant the first time, we ate nonstop and gained so many extra pounds, what to leave weighed 3 times his normal weight."

However, after the delivery of the summer I took myself in hand and returned to his old form.

"Ever since I gave birth to four children. And although my stomach and press was subjected, as you know, a lot of changes, I have still eight pack".

"I want to show other women that you don't have to live in the gym to have a flat stomach and a toned body."

"Many friends ask how I manage in the gym, and five children to follow. But the fact is that without training I would not have so much to do. Thanks to daily training in the gym (while the whole family sleeps), healthy and fresh food I feel great. And I have more than enough energy".published


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