Australia created the world's first digital solar market

In Australia, the first decentralized stock exchange for trading energy deX. Owners of solar panels can sell excess electricity to the network and join with others to create virtual power plants. This approach promises to reduce the cost of electricity in the country, which is considered one of the leaders in the field of solar energy.

According to a report by consulting company SunWiz, in 2016 in Australia was established around 6750 solar home batteries. Market growth amounted to 1000% in annual terms. Solar panels on the roofs produce 16% of all electricity in the country. Users tend to sell the excess generated energy.

Decentralized exchange energy deX allows owners of solar panels to become active players in the market and depend less on large power stations and networks. DeX platform creates a network of virtual power plants consisting of hundreds of solar panels installed on the roofs. The system automatically selects the source, if there arose the need for energy. Thousands of solar panels with a capacity of not more than 5 kilowatts each are combined into the semblance of power plants and their total capacity reaches several megawatts. Dispersed stations will also help to solve the problem of sudden disconnection of electricity in case of natural disasters.

Since February began a pilot test of the first digital energy market. Attended by 5000 Australian families. A system developed by the consortium, which includes energy startups GreenSync and Reposit Power, the operators of power networks United Energy and ActewAGL and energy company Mojo. The project cost is estimated at $930 000.

Possession of solar panels and household batteries have become the new norm in Australia. A quarter of Australian business runs on solar energy. According to the report of the independent civic organisation Solar Citizens, everyone in the country has one solar panel. Installation of solar infrastructure at home allows Australians to save annually $1 billion on electricity bills. An ordinary Australian family, with the help of solar panels and home energy storage Powerwall 2.0 to ensure their needs in electricity for the same price, and from the Central supply.


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