How has our favorite Actresses from the time of his first roles

Seventy five million seven hundred sixty four thousand two hundred seventeen

Few people remember the role that once started the way favorite Actresses to stardom.

Site offers to see what film star was at the very beginning of his career. It should be noted, many of them age only to face and wise look makes them more attractive.

Nicole Kidman 16e2c1cedb.jpg

Jennifer Aniston de50f39626.jpg

Mila Kunis a82591fd0a.jpg

Jennifer Lopez 94dbdad52d.jpg

Julia Roberts 86b4b5de51.jpg

Keira Knightley 563973df18.jpg

Sandra Bullock 471d842974.jpg

Angelina Jolie d27d653116.jpg

Demi Moore be3dca33a3.jpg

Helena Bonham Carter 6954723cf8.jpg

Cameron Diaz a0fc19a1c0.jpg

Reese Witherspoon 196f15eb10.jpg

Winona Ryder 25f43eaf36.jpg

Kirsten Dunst 5599ed966b.jpg

Photo on preview, Nilsen Premiere, Zoetrope

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