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A lot of people simply loves cats. But what do they love? Probably, these furry meowing creatures possess some kind of magic... the Website has prepared for readers a selection of facts about the behavior of cats, which will help you to understand them better.

Recently, scientists conducted a study during which found that the brains of dogs over the last sixty million years has considerably grown in size, but the cats remained unchanged. Today dogs are used for multiple purposes, for example, to search for people or search of dangerous substances, it is not surprising that their brains have evolved. But on the other hand, cats are just harder to teach such tricks.

And wild and domestic cats can easily trick your opponent or lure to trick prey. An example is the behavior while hunting cats margay living in the forests of the Amazon. It is able to mimic the cries of monkeys-tamarino to lure them closer and attack. Is this not a sign of intelligence?

In one experiment it was found out that cats can remember about any obstacle in their way is only ten minutes away. If the cat step over the barrier with their front paws, and then it will stop and will not allow them to go on for ten minutes, she'll forget that she needs to cross the hurdle hind legs. Visual memory the cat is much worse than muscle, so if you distract your cat from any employment, she will forget about what he did in just a few seconds.

Since the domestication of cats man, these furry creatures have developed a special sound that people think they are incredibly nasty and shrill. With it, cats can get the owner to feed them or to do what is necessary to them. So they can communicate with people.

Due to changing climatic conditions cats today reproduce more actively, so is born more kittens. But this fact darkens only thing many are not willing to take a cat into the house, so most of them are forced to live on the streets in poor conditions.

According to recent studies, more than half of the cats who live at home suffer from excess weight. This happens due to the fact that the owners give the Pets food at the first demand, and what are furry lovers eat, which also move a little.

Dogs draw water the whole surface of the tongue, and cats touch the tip of the tongue to the water surface and draws the resulting column of liquid, tightly closing his jaw. With the help of this method, the cat's for a moment to drink nearly thirty milliliters of liquid.

If the cat to hunt vermin, it can easily catch the microorganism Toxoplasma gondii. When it gets into the human body, it causes toxoplasmosis β€” a disease affecting the health and behavior. The person begins to experience high anxiety and inertia, and if the immunity level is lowered, this disease may be fatal.



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