Russian scientists have created materials for energy efficient Windows

Turn ordinary Windows into solar panels will allow new polymeric luminescent materials (shotokankarate), created by scientists of far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). As the press service of the University, obtained by scientists of the Department of chemical and resource-saving technologies of the School of natural Sciences FEFU in cooperation with the Institute of chemistry of far Eastern branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, new polymeric luminescent materials potentially will lead to the creation of power generating Windows, capable of converting sunlight into electrical energy.

According to scientists, the developed material can be used as the basis for the production of special films for Windows. Film attached to the window or glass, the surface of which are falling solar rays, will allow us to collect and convert sunlight into electrical energy.

According to one of the developers of the film — A. Khrebtov, the conventional solar cell requires a large area for placement, has a low efficiency in flat-light and quite expensive. Shotokankarate allowing times to reduce the need for photovoltaic converters, to use ambient light and place the device on any surfaces, including dense urban development. published

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