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After trying different hair products, I came to the conclusion that the best – environmentally friendly product: Flaxseed oil for hair. My mother brewed flax seed and moistened hair before you cheat on curlers. Hairstyle on that basis has been all day, because no hairsprays did not exist. And my grandmother rubbed the hair linseed oil and brush with a wooden comb to get a smooth, neat hair, otherwise the hair stuck to the sides.

But the main advantage of this oil – recovery and recovery of hair.

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How to choose Flaxseed oil for hair

The best linseed oil is obtained by cold pressing. So retains all, or almost all the useful properties of linseed oil: polyunsaturated acids, such important elements as magnesium and calcium, vitamins A and E. Color good oil resembles honey – yellow with a slightly orange tint. The oil should be transparent, no sediment and turbidity. Turn the bottle upside down, 10 seconds, and return to the normal position (if there is impurities and sediment, they will emerge from the bottom, this oil is not worth buying). Look at the expiration date before you buy something for a few months, and this, which is about to expire, is not necessary.

The use of linseed oil

Linseed oil nourishes the scalp, which leads to the disappearance of dry dandruff. The power obtained and the follicles (hair bulbs), they become stronger, it prevents intense hair loss, strengthens their structure, making them soft and shiny.

Before you begin using Flaxseed oil,it is recommended to cut off the split ends, because they "glue" is hard, but unsplit the hair easy to influence.

Mask for strengthening hair and nourishing the scalp

The mask to the hair roots doing in the day or at night. After all, it is applied for a long time: at least 6-7 hours. Rubbed in the roots of the hair oil, and combed the strands, gather them under the scarf.

To wash off, beat to a froth one egg yolk, carefully separated from the protein, wash their hair, then opolaskivaniem water with vinegar (1:4). The hair is not twisted, and zamatyvaem a large soft towel. Combed from the tips to the roots, if your hair is shoulder-length and below.

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Mask for hair growth with linseed oil

2 tablespoons of Flaxseed oil mixed with 1 tbsp. of honey. Can add 1 tbsp of onion juice, but then have to wash with shampoo, the smell. A mask from butter and honey to be washed and rinsed as in the previous recipe.

Do not expect momentalnoe of such masks. Apply the mask should be once a week for one and a half to two months.Old recipes are not fast, but reliable, and the result will be noticeable for many months. Optimally carried out two such courses per year. published 


Author: Elena Kozanowska

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