The right leaflet is the guarantee of an effective advertising

Distribution of leaflets is a very cheap way of advertising, which can show very good results. But the impact of the leaflets depends on many factors

Business at any stage of development should be the promotion and new consumers. To about your company's products or services learned more and more potential customers, more people to tell us about this business. In this case, it is best it's because of the flyer.
What gives this advertising?
Distribution of leaflets is a very cheap way of advertising, which can show very good results. But the impact of the leaflets depends on many factors, so the showboating of this type may not bring the desired results.

It is very important to create project leaflets, to accommodate the desired information, and has a value of place and time. Therefore, for the proper and effective advertising is necessary to contact professional agencies for advertising. For example, in Ufa some of the best flyers the company does It is engaged in the production of quality printed products.

The main rules for creating flyers
Flyer should be:
  • with the rendering of goods or services;
  • it is a brief essence of the proposed facility;
  • a necessary element of attraction, why choose it;
  • the size and quality of paper.
When creating flyers to improve their performance should be guided by the basic tips:
  • The largest font should be a written proposal which is advertised. Location does not matter, because the consumer will begin to read from large to smaller text. It is important to allocate larger, so a potential customer could quickly determine whether he needs this leaflet or not.
  • You need to specify why your offer more interesting and profitable among the competitors. We need words that engage consumers.
  • The text of the leaflets should be as simple as possible, to sound in the affirmative, to carry only positive sounding without any of the negatives. Despite the simplicity of the text, it should be as clear to all. Proposals should not be longer than 6 words, otherwise not anyone will want to actually read the leaflet. Would look perfect clear and smooth slogan.
  • The background of the text should match the words and at the same time to visualize your suggestion, without words it was clear what the proposed leaflet.
  • The amount of such advertising must be small. Perfect is the size of a business card, this leaflet has more chances that it will be preserved and not thrown away.
  • Ideally, the flyer should be something valuable. That is, it can simply call a coupon, invitation, the bearer admission is free or several times cheaper, and the like.

Adhering to these tips when choosing flyers, you can be sure that this is going to bear fruit and justify the investment.


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