16 examples where the designers were thinking primarily about people


There are inventions, you want to kiss them resourceful creators: so cool and useful things they come up with.

The website has collected 16 examples of the genius of ordinary people living next to us. And as they all come to a head?

In this Elevator there are buttons at foot level to tap the right floor if my hands are busy f42452b036.jpg

The coolest way to show how it was once destroyed building f8afeea2e6.jpg

Right boxes for those buyers who need help sellers, and the left — for those who love shopping alone 6f0de5505b.jpg

Multifunctional "spoon-fork", the toothpick is b71200d4c6.jpg

Perhaps is the most original doorbell e27ba61c9a.jpg

Bench, form, which you can always change 414a3e07dc.jpg

The hotel has a separate towel to remove makeup 71552ad761.jpg

A special toilet for Pets in the airport f12e635559.jpg

A road sign that is hard to ignore 224482c145.jpg

It looks like the door in a hospital for people suffering from Alzheimer's. It is a bookcase that patients accidentally went outside and lost 9dce639530.jpg

The perfect picnic table, where there is a place for adults and children — even the smallest fa22f7e425.jpg

The bus on which appears the words "replace tire" when they start to wear out c6f32197bb.jpg

Two in one: chopsticks + fork 86060a699b.jpg

Instant noodles, which is so convenient to drain the water 926ebdb8ef.jpg

Color sticker on mango reports when the fruit is ripe and it can be a eb224668d1.jpg

Just Parking for bikes equipped with a pump ed341bcab0.jpg

Photos on the preview reddit.com, analisabautista / twitter.com

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