4 rules that make the Scandinavians the happiest people on earth

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What would the study about the level of happiness in different countries around the world conducted by scientists nor, Denmark, Norway and Sweden periodically take the first lines of ratings. Of course, in these countries a relatively high level of life, but not only this: the Scandinavians have a few General rules which they do not cease to enjoy life.

We at the Website decided to learn more about this, and I think all of us really should learn.

1. Modesty and respect for other

In Scandinavia there is something called the law of Jante — an unspoken set of rules that does not recognize the right to individualism:

  • Don't think you're special.
  • Don't think we match.
  • Don't think you're smarter than us.
  • Don't assume you're better than us.
  • Don't think you know more than us.
  • Don't think you're more important than us.
  • Don't think you can do everything.
  • You shouldn't be laughing at us.
  • Don't think someone cares about you.
  • Don't think you can teach.
Although Scandinavians themselves periodically make fun of it by law, but it really helps to create an unusually close-knit and cohesive society. To be humble, to respect others around people is very Scandinavian.

In addition, the law warns people against arrogance and boasting is not taken a little too proud of my accomplishments and even more bulging wealth.

2. The balance between family and work

The Scandinavians know how important it is to devote sufficient time and family and work. Many offices and businesses in Denmark are closed at 5 PM — and no overtime, and about to go in the day and speeches cannot be. And here in Norway, for example, recently introduced a 6-hour day and the efficiency does not fall, and employees have time to relax with family.

Together with the family people often go camping, play sports, travel, and all this despite not being the most friendly the North-European climate.

3. The warmth of the family hearth

The Danes have a very exciting word that refers to the coziness of the home, and the heat from communicating with relatives and friends —"hygge" (hygge). It's so cute home gatherings by candlelight and fireplace with lots of delicious food, drinks and conversations. Huge available to everyone, that's why there is no place of luxury and ostentation. Hygge is solidarity, comfort, support, and attention of loved ones.

Moreover, the word "hygge" was included in the list of the most popular phrases in 2016 by the Oxford dictionary. A terrific, multi-faceted word that carries a whole philosophy.

4. Realistic expectations

In his book, "Happy like the Danes" Malin Rudel shares the recipe of happiness of its people. One of the most important secrets she believes the ability to formulate realistic expectations, which, however, does not mean to stop dreaming and to set ambitious goals. But still imagine how many times you were upset just because I wanted something more from yourself and from others? Besides, the less we have high expectations in relation to friends and family, the more likely be pleasantly surprised.

Comparing yourself to other people is also not the best way to happiness. In the age of the crazy influx of information from social networks we sometimes think that we don't have time that they can live better, more efficiently — perhaps sometimes it is necessary to suspend the race and be able to enjoy what you already have. The Scandinavians believe that more productive than those who have less, but at the same time, they will never put themselves above others.

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