That's why you can't take shower too often! Health hazard...

Taking a shower is not only pleasant procedure, but a vital necessity. Taking a shower, we wash off the sweat, dead skin cells and sebum. There is a widespread belief that frequent water treatments can harm the health, but also significantly weaken the immune system. Is it really so? Now try to understand the wording "the Website".

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We all know that any good habit, abuse can harm your health. Modern lifestyle and sport activities make us take a shower at least 2 times a day. However, too frequent washing can weaken the natural protection of our skin.

Most of the tools to cleanse the skin contain parabens, xenoestrogens and refined petroleum products. Also water that gets into our house through pipes, not very clean: chlorine, fluorine and harmful bacteria prevent us to use it for frequent water treatments.


To protect the skin during showering, follow these tips.

  1. Try not to use hot water. The optimum water temperature for showering 23-25 degrees.

  2. Use a mild natural soap without chemical additives.

  3. After taking a shower make sure you washed away the remnants of skin funds.

Remember that personal hygiene is the key to health. Do not forget to share this information with your friends — they will thank you!

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