"Butterfly" is a SUPER exercise for women's health

Exercise "Butterfly" very useful for women's health. It develops the hip joints, improves circulation in the pelvic organs, strengthens the uterus, relieves pain and relieves during menstruation because it not only relaxes the pelvic organs, and lower back.

In addition, this exercise sposobstvuet the revitalization of the work of the kidneys, urogenital system, is the prevention of sciatica, hernia and varicose veins.

By the way, it is being shown and during pregnancy, as it strengthens the uterus, bladder, and facilitates the birth.



1. To sit with crossed legs.

2. Connect the soles and heels, grab the foot and bring them to the perineum.

The back is extended from the coccyx to the crown. The abdomen and chest tightened up. The chin is slightly lowered. Shoulders, shoulder blades drawn. Calf muscle pressed firmly against the inner thigh.

3. To lower the hips as low as possible to the floor while they're at it completely fall.

4. To stay in this position for 30-60 seconds, breathing smoothly.

Every time you should increase the execution duration.

The harder you grab the foot with your hands, the better to stretch out the torso. Try back during the exercise is not to bend and shoulders to the ears is not raised.

To facilitate the exercise as follows:

• To put under the buttocks of the wooden block or folded blanket a few times.

• If you can't grab the foot with your hands, grasp the ankle or use a belt.

• If it is difficult to sit with a straight back, you can lean on the wall.

How to deepen:

• Hands expand the bottoms of the feet up, connecting the inner edges of the feet.

• Pulling back from the tailbone to the top, lower the body forward, put on the floor first the forehead, then the chin. Don't take your buttocks off the floor, pull the torso forward.

Attention! Injuries of the groin or knees you must perform this exercise by placing a support under your thighs.published


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