Significant failures from Apple (12 photos)

Currently, Apple is the one of the largest and most expensive corporations in the world, but the path to success was quite bumpy and dangerous. Companies make a lot of mistakes and some failures have cost dearly. It is not always Steve Jobs applied to the arm.
Macintosh Portable

The fact that you can carry it with you, does not mean that it is worth doing. Portable Macintosh Portable notebook production in 1989 and weighed 7 kg worth US $ 6,500. However, after 3 years the company has corrected its mistake by releasing PowerBook, which set the standard appearance of laptop computers.


This technology toy was named after the daughter of Steve Jobs. Released in 1983, this product was an innovative solution for the time - a graphical interface and mouse. But because of the huge cost 10 000 dollars the company had to bury thousands of unsold computers in a landfill Utah.

Apple TV

This technological device promised to combine the web video and TV, but only two of the six major film companies have agreed to cooperate, which significantly limit the availability of content. In addition, the device did not have the ability to record, and sold 250,000 units of Steve Jobs has written off this product in section hobby.


In 1995, the company tried to break into the market of video game consoles and released the console Pippin. It was the first attempt to unite the gaming console with Internet connection. The then modems one chat message sent about 10 minutes and the joint game could not be considered. Given that Pippin was worth three times more expensive than the Nintendo 64, the success is not out of the question.


The phone was released in collaboration with Motorola. Apple News Service to connect to the iTunes, but users have been thrilled, because the machine could hold only 100 songs. But the first step toward "the caller iPod» was made.

Macintosh TV

In fact, the computer that has worked so well, and television, had its advantages. Connecting the monitor and TV in one device, you can save space in the apartment. But the problem is that for the sake of convenience was sacrificed functionality. Macintosh TV was weaker than any similar computer, and cost about $ 2,000. It was released just 10 000 units of the product.


Long before the iPhone the company has released the handheld Newton. Its dimensions were 20 by 12 cm, and normal use it could only person with very large hands. In addition, the device had a terrible system of text recognition and cost $ 1200. When, in 1996, was released Palm Pilot, Newton finally sunk into oblivion.

Power Mac G4 Cube

Magazines have described the computer as a top-loading CD chic design element. But people were not in the same enthusiastic and were in no hurry to pay $ 200, compared with the usual Power Mac G4. A year later, Apple has announced the discontinuation of this beautiful but unpopular unit.


The operating system, which got its name from the two English words «talent» (talent) and «intelligence» (intelligence). The project, which started in 1980 as a futuristic platform for future computers, turned down in 1995, did not even see the light.

The dismissal of Steve Jobs

In 1985, Apple fired Steve Jobs. Despite the fact that he built the company from scratch and the previous year presented the first Mac, which had expected a huge success, things did not go very smoothly for the young entrepreneur. Steve hired a former employee of the company Pepsi-Cola John Scully and appointed him to the post of CEO, but he could not cope with the constant creative chaos. As a consequence, both fired. Only 12 years later, Steve Jobs returned to the company as a consultant and in a few months has become at the helm. Crazy Oromo "products - SHIT" at the first meeting he returned Apple to its former glory.

iPhone 4

The fourth generation is incredibly popular phone was one small flaw in the design: if you hold it the way most people hold, the signal disappears completely. Steve Jobs is recommended to keep his hands in a different way, while, as in advertising it kept the most usual. Rather than fix the problem in Australia, complete with phone comes rubber casing, which prevents loss of signal.


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