Riddle that anyone will expand the boundaries of consciousness

We all know that optical illusion built on illusion. To fool the brain enough to trick the eye. But sometimes everything happens exactly the opposite: we ourselves deceive your eyes, your brain and yourself at the same time when trying to ignore and reject a part of reality, bringing what he saw to the template easy to understand.

This is undoubtedly a useful skill, but to solve this riddle Website offers you to open wide your eyes and ignore the usual rules.

Now let's see how well you have followed our advice.

Answer: 16 You saw what you expected to see and a good half of the Internet users. Most likely, you've never looked in the wardrobe in search of Narnia.

A: 17 You really just noticed this little detail in the center. However, until now did not go beyond the usual perception. If a straight line is possible only through two points, what you need the circle to be considered a circle?

Answer: 20 You understand that we intentionally did not use his trademark font, just to catch you? But we have failed. However, you saw not all.

Answer: 26 you Went beyond image or not, beyond the usual out for sure. When others need hard facts, you have only to hint at the possibility. This gives you as a person with a great imagination and a willingness to follow your gut.

Answer: 29 Bravo! We wanted you to go beyond the usual. And you do it brilliantly happened. Where most people see the tree house you see a bridge to Terabithia; where others see ruins, you — pan's labyrinth; where others see a Pandora's box, you hope.

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