Just look how different this girl for a year

This is Jennifer Gimli (Jennifer Ginley) from Liverpool on her Instagram signed by more 90 thousand people, whom she inspires day after day. Why? The fact is that in just a year she managed to do a great job over — it's hard not to admire.

When Jennifer realized that her young man's about to make her an offer of marriage, she... forbade him to do it because he was dissatisfied with her body and didn't want to be a "fat bride".

Then the girl weighed more than 120 kg. besides back to their home and after seeing their photos, she realized that can't work. Jennifer has achieved amazing results:in just over a year, she dropped half his weight!

Abandoning junk food, Jen joined the group "Slimming world" (Slimming World's), where people help each other in the fight against excess weight and began to publish in his blog pictures of delicious and healthy food. "It's the best I could do to get the motivation to lose weight. All very warmly talked with me and supported in my desire."

After such a transformation Gimli a well-deserved title of "miss skinny — 2017" and, of course, immediately turned into the most inspiring example for all dieters. She still sticks to a healthy diet, and her weight stood at around 63 kg.

Now the wedding is not far off: a young person, Jennifer was finally able to propose to her, and she said the long-awaited "Yes".

Still, the main change in the girl said something else: "for the First time in many years, I finally found confidence in myself and realized how long were covered by a fake smile, hiding her dissatisfaction. Weight control helped to make a huge leap both in physical and psychological development. Now I feel this butterfly escaped from the cocoon".

We in the Website have to admire this girl: she proved once again how much you can achieve if you really, really want and should try. And how cool that such deeds inspired by her love!

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