14 photos of familiar products, looking at that, I think: "Holy shit!"

Every day by choice or by chance, we stumble upon dozens of pictures of dishes, or, on the contrary, simple lunch.

But sometimes in the grocery basket average people are buying, which is impossible to tell. The website has prepared for you a selection of photos of the food, forcing wide open eyes in surprise.

1. The emotional KARELA

2. Strawberries, inside of which began to germinate its seeds

3. Sausage, trapped inside an empty

4. Two bananas in one peel

5. Box lunch is entirely consistent with the picture on the label

6. Oval M&M's

7. Unexpected way to cook puff with Apple

8. Meat that looks like it's out of focus

9. Watermelon, on 100 % consisting of cover

10. The date of manufacture printed on the yogurt

11. Clams were hidden crab

12. Kale had forgotten about

13. Strawberry is the spitting image of Mario

14. A nut shell was hiding from 4 cores

Photos on the preview AmoosingCows, imgur.com

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