Fun experiment for the brave: how to refresh your interior in 5 minutes!

The design of the walls with his own hands — the process is creative and exciting. Especially when the ways they do it are unique and unusual. This work helps to forget about everyday problems and find joy.

And if you share these pleasant moments with children or with other family members, then you definitely will unite and bring warm memories.

The editors of the"Site" found you a good idea as with a conventional syringe and paint make the interior brighter and more original!

Wall decor with their rukami the basis of this method is the use of an ordinary medical syringe, which creates the effect of dripping down the wall paint.

  1. You pick up the necessary colors and get the paint. And don't forget to cover the floor with protective film and glue the baseboards!

  2. When ready, pick a color, grab a syringe in hands — and forward! Start to squeeze the paint so that it flowed from the ceiling down. Interestingly, the first paint line perfectly smooth, but then, towards the final, colored lines start to weave together.

  3. The length of the strip can be controlled, increasing or decreasing the quantity of ink in the syringe. The less paint you take, the shorter will be the line on the wall.

It would seem that the idea is extraordinary, and looks like something serious. But how fun it will be with the children to decorate the children's playroom! And if you use paint of the same color, and many adults would have liked.

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