Reade set Go! Finish giving birth!

Chicago Marathon Participant Amber Miller stopped to participate in the 42-kilometer race that she was nine months pregnant. The woman admitted that she is crazy about running and ready to do anything for the sake of sport. The American was taken to hospital directly from the racetrack!

According to 27-year-old Amber Miller, it was the longest day of her life.
Despite the fact that the woman was about to give birth, she decided not to change their passion for the sport and take part in the Chicago Marathon.

This memorable race was the eighth in the life of the athletes, who already has one child.
However, to completely ignore the fact of pregnancy Amber Miller did not work - she was able to run a total of 20 kilometers.
The rest of the distance on foot athlete has overcome.
As a result, Amber Miller successfully gave birth to a healthy 3, 5 pound baby girl, who was named June.


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