It is hard to make candy from Khrushchev, but the wizard did it! Bravo!

The hero of this article was saving money one year to buy 2-room apartment in the brick house. "Well, that Khrushchev, but his own! he cried. — Here's a bit longer to quit — repairs begin". But looking at the situation around, the main thing was not to lose heart and not to lose enthusiasm.

It was possible to live, but as is often the case with craftsmen, hands started to itch early. It was decided to do repair gradually, as the collection of funds.

I must say that the process lasted for no less 3 years. And that was that.

Repairs in the Khrushchev own rukmiyati the transformation of their homes master with bath and toilet, combine 2 microdistrict something like a normal bathroom. To align the walls the most acceptable and affordable man felt lining moisture-resistant drywall.

Of durable metal profile he has built a frame under the sink.

New hot water heater and water. Top hot, bottom cold.

Podium bath have successfully completed the riser hot water.

Tiles, lighting, shelves and mirror (by special order of his wife).

To repair the rest of the rooms the man also chose gipsokarton.

The shelf and the niche under the TV profile.

According to the master, above the color of the interior design and worked wife.

OSB allowed without a problem to lay the laminate flooring. The fixation of the bedroom over.

Came the turn of the corridor. Gypsum Board and profile this master is still the priority! He admits he has lost almost 7 cm of space from the wall, but no regrets, because with the Stripping of old plaster and laying new without specialists to handle difficult.

On the floor — laminate transition to tile.

The final. Beams on the ceiling of falsterbo, lanterns, wall decoration with artificial stone...

Who was doing repairs in the kitchen knows how this time-consuming process.

The mysterious window in the bathroom closed successfully foam.

Male partially re-planned premises, olenichev the length of the wall between the kitchen and living room.

Tiles on the floor gorgeous! The apron on the wall is made of gypsum Board, varnished-sink.

In the same masonry of white brick decorated wall that connects the kitchen and living room.

The fridge fit perfectly in the niche. The kitchen did not know!

Bravo brave actors! How much you need of effort, skill and patience to their own hands to make repairs in an old apartment... don't get tired to admire such people.

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