Urgent! Stephen Hawking has declared that it is the most dangerous time in the history of mankind.

Even those who have physics in school was a deuce, he knows about the theories of Stephen Hawking and his incredible contribution to science and development of humanity as a whole. Physicist is sure that the most dangerous time for our planet it is now came. More detail about this statement, you tell the editors "Website".

Modern problems chelovechestvo believes that the victory of Donald trump at the election of the US President and the British statement of withdrawal from the European Union, that expressed the anger of people who were abandoned by their leaders.

Based on the current situation, according to Hawking, are the economic consequences of globalization and rapid technological progress. Due to automation the number of jobs is shrinking, leaving only the possibility for creative class and managers. And this increases economic inequality.

For this reason the famous physicist says: "the Internet can make a lot of money very, very small number of people. We live in a world of growing economical inequality, where it lost not only the level of life is lost the ability of people to earn a living. No wonder people are looking for a way to sign a new deal."

The consequences are obvious: the rural poor are sent to the cities, driven by hope. But it turns out that heaven is shown in the vastness of Instagram is not available there. They go to other countries in search of a better life. Migrants are placing greater demands on the economy and infrastructure of the countries where they arrive, undermine tolerance and contribute to the growth of political populism.

"I'm worried about it all because right now humanity need to work together more than ever. We are faced with the environmental challenge — climate change, food shortages, epidemics, acidification of the oceans. All of this suggests that it is the most dangerous moment in human history.

We come up with technology that will allow us to destroy our planet. But we have not yet invented a way to leave. So far we have only one planet and we must work together to protect it," continues Stephen Hawking.

According to the scientist, it is necessary to break down the barriers between countries, and not to build them. For this to become real world leaders need to admit their failure. In our time the majority of resources is in the hands of a small number of people, and will have to learn to share them. Disappear not only jobs, but entire industries. It is therefore necessary to help people to retrain and to support them financially during this period.

If the country cannot cope with increased migration, we need to support global development is the only way to make the millions of migrants looking for a prosperous future in their homeland.

To the opinion of a man who has an extraordinary mind, should be listened to. Because we are now too much self-absorbed. And in order to preserve life on this planet, it is necessary that everyone began to change their attitude towards her and other people.

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