Stephen Hawking urges humanity to colonize other planets to survive

During one of his lectures at the beginning of this week, the Sydney Opera House Стивен Hawking foretold the extinction of mankind in the next thousand years, unless it is able to colonize other planets. Physicist acted in the theater with the help of the hologram, is physically located at the time in his office in Cambridge.

"We must continue to try to expand the space for the sake of all mankind, - he said. - I do not think we will survive another thousand years without escaping our fragile planet ».

At the end of the lecture, Hawking advised people to look up at the stars and not down at his feet. "Try to understand what you see and think, why the universe exists. Be curious. No matter how difficult your life is, there is always something in what you do well. The main thing - do not give up ».

Hawking has warned previously , that mankind must colonize other planets as a "safety net." As possible threats to humanity, he called armed aggression, as well as artificial intelligence , uncontrolled development of which can lead to unpredictable consequences.

Stephen Hawking himself understands something in survival and in and achievements. He has already spent more than half a century since the doctors gave him two and a half years of life. Being paralyzed, he made many scientific discoveries and made a huge contribution to the popularization of science .



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