Stephen Hawking: From the Earth it's time to run

Professor Stephen Hawking (Professor Stephen Hawking) is one of the most influential scientists in the world, to the statements which humanity listens with interest, gave recently an interview to the British radio Times.

And again — humanity — scared, expressing doubt that we will survive the next 100 years. Because unable to destroy themselves, developing science and technology. More likely, in the opinion of the Professor, now a terrible nuclear weapons and genetically modified viruses.


Hawking believes that in order to avoid disaster, you should move to other planets. To begin with — one of those that are in our Solar system such as Mars or the moon. And then — to aim and beyond to other star systems.

But the establishment of extraterrestrial colonies will take at least 100 years. All this time people should be very careful with the fruits of scientific and technological progress.

— We are not going to halt progress or reverse it, — said Stephen Hawking, so we should be able to recognize threats and to control them.

And 10 thousand more years to survive

The Professor believes that if our civilization is to be saved until the 23rd century, at least another 10 thousand years to "relax" it will not. Threats are not only internal but also external. What he has stated many times, starting to scare about 10 years ago.

The first fear Hawking — nuclear weapons the fear of a Second Hawking genetically modified viruses Third fear Hawking — evil aliens-invaders of the Fourth and fifth fears Hawking — aggressive artificial intelligence. At the time, he called "completely reasonable" assumption about the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. And the threat of the colonization of Earth by aliens is real.

— It is enough to look at themselves, to see how something intelligent can turn into something we would not want to face, — explained the Professor. I think the aliens can live in huge ships, as exhausted all natural resources of the planet. They are at a very high level of development and begin to disperse in order to capture any suitable planet.

The desire to Rob us — this is one of the reasons Stephen Hawking is not recommended to make contact with alien races.

— If aliens ever appear here, it will be possible to compare with the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America, said Hawking. And then for the Indians somehow not very well formed.

In early 2014, Stephen Hawking expressed concern at the expense of artificial intelligence (Artificial intelligence — AL). They say, he will soon enslave humanity. Or even destroyed as superfluous. Professors-supported Elon Musk and bill gates.

Specifically, Stephen Hawking is concerned that in the near future robots will become self-improving. And, as he puts it, "too clever by half all of us".

According to astrophysics, people can also accelerate biological evolution and to enhance their abilities, for example, by genetic engineering.

But ALы still overtake mankind, because according to Moore's law computers double the speed of your thinking and memory much faster — every 18 months.

Further, along with tens of thousands of scientists and entrepreneurs Hawking have signed an open letter calling not to give the artificial intelligence war machines. Because it will make combat vehicles Autonomous. Appears killer robots — terminators that will choose targets on their own. That is, without leadership and guide human intervention. And then the world war can not be avoided.

Hawking fears that the robots are able to go to the battlefield instead of living soldiers, will fundamentally change the nature of warfare. The politicians lost the fear. On the contrary, will be tempted to use the iron unfeeling killers. For example, the destruction of entire ethnic groups. And possible casualties from their side, cease to hold. published


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