Stephen Hawking: in 100 years, computers will have power over humanity


Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist from Britain who is known for his predictions about the threat of further development of artificial intelligence. Most recently, he made a further statement on the subject, it happened in the framework of the London conference, Zeitgeist.

As considers S. Hawking, need a hundred years to artificial intelligence took precedence over humanity. Initially people will be interested in the question: to whom belongs the control of artificial intelligence? But then, the scientists ask, and whether it can, in principle, any way to control it? According to the scientist, one hundred years later, competition will occur between progressive technology and common sense.

Last year Stephen Hawking already made such an assumption: it is claimed that humanity is extremely slow biological evolution, while the improvement of machines has accelerated in several times. This suggests that when there is a full AI, it will be the end of humanity. The thesis about the threat from artificial intelligence, was subsequently dubbed as the founder of Microsoft bill gates.

In addition, Hawking made a prediction about the colonization of other planets. Thus, theoretical physicist once said that humanity can not forever live on its own planet and be forced to find a new home.published

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