Interesting about animals in numbers from 0 to 2

0.013 milligrams poisonous saliva toad Aga enough to kill a cat.

0.05 seconds Language discharge process lasts from chameleons.

0.1 cubic centimeters gila enough poison to kill a dog of medium size.

0.14 kilometers per hour - the average speed on the ground sloths.

0.23% of the body takes brains beetle water beetles.

0.27 kilometers per hour - the average speed of sloths in the trees.

0.365 grams of the registered weight of the smallest bird eggs - Verbenaceae hummingbirds.

0.5 millimeters in diameter, the eye naked mole rat.

0.8 mm - minimum length of some spiders.

1 gram weighs the smallest small animal on the planet - pygmy white-toothed shrew.

1 year gestation period lasts from pecan.

Weighs 1 ton polar bear.

1 liter of blood passes a second heart giraffe.

Weighs 1 ton of water buffalo.

1 kilogram weighs eyes of some cetaceans.

1 minute - the period over which a rat is killed after being bitten by a viper noisy.

1 percent of the maximum number of deaths after a viper bites.

1 month - at that age can give birth to the female lemmings.

1 tooth has had ploskohvosta.

1 is the strongest cub tiger shark eats in the mother of all the brothers and sisters born and ready for samopropitaniyu.

1 individual orcas is capable of eating a seal 14 and 13 dolphins.

1 day can last uninterrupted "Aria" humpback whale.

1 egg always brings Hrachya plover.

1.5 degrees Celsius - by an amount increased body temperature cheetah after running 180 meters, after this race he needs to rest at least 15 minutes to perish.

1.5 degrees Celsius body temperature is changing iguana, hiding in a hole at an altitude of 5000 m.

1.5 kilogram per day gaining weight baby harp seals in the first days of life.

1.5 years young hyenas are feeding only breast milk.

1.5 cm in diameter can be the eyes of some spiders.

1.5 years without food or drink can live Galápagos tortoise.

1.5 kilometers, with such distances can be heard marriage songs bitterns.

It reaches 1.5 meters deep hole Krawczyk.

1.6 kilograms - the weight of tooth of a sperm whale.

1.6 meters per second - the maximum speed of snakes.

1.6 kilometers per hour - three-toed sloth maximum speed.

1.6 kilometers - from this height the neck can see the carcass of a small antelope.

1.95 meters - the maximum growth recorded gorillas.

2 meters - the growth of the newborn zhirafёnka.

2 kgs of termites at a time can eat white-bellied lizard.

2 tons of crustaceans stomach can hold the blue whale.

2 meters - the length of the horns of a water buffalo.

2 meters - the height of this barrier is easily overcome bison.

2 minutes is required beaver, to topple a tree about 10 centimeters thick.

2 eyeballs in each eye is batilihnops, for which he received the name of the four-eyed fish.


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